Ubiquisys Leveraging Akamaiís Electronic Software Download Solution to Simplify Activation of Femtocells

15th February 2011

Automated system cuts activation time from hours to minutes greatly improving download experience for global user base

MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS: 15 February 2011 – Ubiquisys, the developer of 3G and LTE intelligent femtocells, today announced that Akamai’s Electronic Software Download solution is being used to speed up the time it takes end users to activate Ubiquisys femtocells. In addition to reducing activation times, Akamai’s global network enables the Ubiquisys activation system to support millions of activations across a global user base.  

Femtocells are miniature cell sites, typically used in homes and offices that plug into a standard broadband connection to extend the reach of a mobile network inside a dwelling. Femtocells are engineered to provide a premier mobile experience with built-in software intelligence that reacts to changes in the radio environment.

“The Ubiquisys Activation System requires massive scalability to serve customers anywhere in the world, therefore requiring the globally-distributed network that Akamai’s Electronic Software Download solution sits upon,” said Richard Marshall, Product Manager, Ubiquisys. “Akamai’s global network and high availability of service can handle more than two million activations a day and competently deliver an average activation time in just three minutes. These are the critical factors that led to our selecting them for software delivery.”

Femtocells place unique operational demands on mobile network operators because they require the consumer to install and set up the femtocell. At any time, massive numbers of consumers may try to activate the femtocell, so automation is essential. But unlike other consumer-oriented devices, such as broadband routers or set-top boxes, femtocells are components of a complex mobile network requiring security credentials in order to connect to a mobile network operator’s management systems. 

Marshall added, “When a consumer switches-on for the first time, the femtocell contacts the cloud-based activation system automatically. After various forms of authentication, the security keys and software are downloaded so that the femtocell can then connect to the operator’s network and management systems.  This process simplifies the process of manufacturing femtocells and reduces supply chain risk.” 

“By providing a secure, consistent and automated method for femtocell provisioning, we are removing another barrier to the universal adoption of intelligent femtocells,” said Will Franks, CTO and Co-Founder, Ubiquisys. “This is not a concept, but a real working system that is already activating Ubiquisys-powered femtocells. We are delighted to be working with Akamai because of its global network, scale and experience to ensure that regardless of where users are in the world, they can quickly and confidently join the femtocell movement.”

“Akamai’s Electronic Software Download solution is architected to provide the best-in-class experience Ubiquisys demands during their femtocell provisioning process,” said Rich Kennelly, VP of Media at Akamai. “We're excited to be working with Ubiquisys, leveraging Akamai's global scale and reach, to ensure a high performing download experience across Asia, Europe, and North America.  This demonstrates the flexibility of the Akamai platform to enable emerging cloud-based services such as the rapidly growing femtocell industry.”

About Akamai
Akamai® provides market-leading, cloud-based services for optimizing Web and mobile content and applications, online HD video, and secure e-commerce. Combining highly-distributed, energy-efficient computing with intelligent software, Akamai's global platform is transforming the cloud into a more viable place to inform, entertain, advertise, transact and collaborate. To learn how the world's leading enterprises are optimizing their business in the cloud, please visit www.akamai.com and follow @Akamai on Twitter 

About Ubiquisys
Ubiquisys is ranked the #1 femtocell vendor by ABI Research Inc, with mass-market commercial deployments including SFR in France and SoftBank Mobile in Japan. The Ubiquisys difference is intelligence: femtocells that continuously listen to their surroundings, making invisible decisions about configuration, application triggers and media interaction. This has led to a unique range of residential femtocells, self-organising femto networks for enterprise, plus rural and metro outdoor femtocells. Its Femto-Engine software system creates a complete ready-to-deploy 3G femtocell, providing encapsulated deployment expertise off-the-shelf. Ubiquisys Hardware Blueprints enable manufacturers to rapidly produce low-cost femtocell devices customised to Mobile Operator specifications Ubiquisys investors include Accel Partners, Advent Venture Partners, Atlas Venture, 5 Continents Consulting Group (5CCG), SerComm Corporation, UMC Capital Corporation and Pacific Venture Partners, T-Mobile Venture Fund and Yasuda Enterprise Development Co. (www.ubiquisys.com).

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